Marine Debris Database

Puget Soundkeeper Test 2012

Protocol Description
Year Started
Created By
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance


Label Unit Description Internal Field
Acres Acres Total area covered by cleanup Cleanup_area
County Text REQUIRED for site - County where event took place County
Date Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Debris Amount pounds Weight_trash
Group or Partner Text Names_groups_participated_in_cleanup
Location Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
miles of shoreline miles The length of the beach covered by the cleanup Cleanup_distance_beach
Number of adult Volunteers Count Number of volunteers who are over 18 years old at cleanup event. Number_adult_volunteers
Number of student or youth volunteers Count Number of volunteers who are younger than 18 years old at clean up event Number_youth_volunteers
other activities Text Additional comments. May include position range and may note mult. pot entaglements Comments
State Text REQUIRED for site - State where event took place State
Time Text Clean up start and end time of the event. Cleanup_start_and_end_time