Marine Debris Database

NOAA Shoreline Monitoring

Protocol Description
Accumulation Survey
Year Started
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Label Unit Description Internal Field
6-Pack Rings Count Plastic_6_pack_rings
Aerosol Cans Count Metal aerosol cans
Aluminum/Tin Cans Count Metal_beverage_cans
Bags Count Plastic_bags
Balloons Count Plastic_balloons_ribbons
Beverage Bottles Count Number of glass bottles found Glass_bottles
Beverage Bottles Count Plastic_bottles
Bottle/Container Caps Count Plastic_caps_lids
Bouys & Floats Count General_bouys_floats
Cardboard Cartons Count Paper Cardboard Cartons
Cigarettes Count Number of cigarette butts Cigarette_butts
Cigar Tips Count Number of cigar tips Cigar_tips
Clothing & Shoes Count Clothing_towels_shoes
Country Text Country in which the cleanup was conducted Country
County Text REQUIRED for site - County where event took place County
Cups Count Plastic_cups_utensils
Current Weather Text weather on sampling day, wind speed and cloud coverage weather
Date Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Date of Last Survey Date date of the last survey Last_Survey_Date
Days since last survey Count Days since last survey
Disposable Cigarettes Lighters Count Number of cigarette lighters Cigarette_lighters
Filmed Plastic Count Plastic_soft_pieces
Fishing Lures & Line Count Number of pieces of fishing line General_fishing_line
Flip Flops Count Shoes
Foamed Plastic Count Styrofoam_pieces
Food Wrappers Count Plastic_food_wrappers
Glass Count Glass_pieces
Hard Plastic Count Plastic_hard_pieces
Jars Count jars Glass jars
Large Items? Count Large_trash_items
Lumber/Building Materials Count Construction_debris
Metal Count Metal_pieces
Metal Fragments Count Metal_pieces
Notes Text Additional details and activites that took place at cleanup event Other_1_text
Number of Persons Assisting Count Number of volunteers for the beach cleanup Number_volunteers_beach
Organization Text Number or name of monitoring group Monitoring_group
Other Jugs/Containers Count Plastic_jugs_containers
Paper and Cardboard Count Paper_cardboard_newspaper_magazine
Paper Bags Count Paper_bags
Personal Care Products Count Sanitary_items
Photos? Text The digital id number of debris photos taken during this survey Photo_ID
Plastic Count Number of plastic pieces found during cleanup event Plastics
Plastic Rope/Net Count General_fishing_net_or_rope
Plastic Utensils Count Plastic_cups_utensils
Processed Lumber Count processed lumber Wood_debris
Rubber Count Synthetic_rubber
Rubber Fragments Count Rubber Fragments
Rubber Gloves Count Rubber gloves
Shoreline Name Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
State Text REQUIRED for site - State where event took place State
Storm activity Text Storm activity
Straws Count Plastic_lids_straws
Survey Type Text NOAA Shoreline Monitoring: Accumulation or Standing-Stock Survey_Type
Tires Count Number of tires Number_Tires